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Finished Tack Sales List



-payment must be made within ten days of conformation of sale or the item goes back on my list

-shipping is $2.00 (I ship in padded envelopes or small boxes)

-most of these items will be available when I go to a live show

-see my wanted/trade listóIím always willing to look into a trade or partial trade


Stablemate Scale Tack by me: **Update** If these items do not sell on here they will be put on eBay as soon as I can get my seller account to work!


English Bridle: natural English bridle. $5.00 SOLD!


Working Western Set: This is a western working set great for working and trail entries. This saddle could also be used as a cutting or roping saddle and is great for setups of horses working on a ranch.It is natural coloured w/ a brown seat, breast collar and a natural and white bosal bridle. $32.00. Detachable rear working cinch can be added for $3.00 extra.



Western Show Set: This is a western show set, great for pleasure, trail, reining, etc. The saddle is natural coloured with a brown seat and silvering. The bridle is a split ear bridle with curb bit and gold curb chain with romel style reins. The saddle pad is included. $40.00.






Stablemate Scale Tack by others:


Western Tack Set: set made by Susan Gage in 1999. It includes a breast collar, saddle, and bridle and was made to fit the trotting Appaloosa SM. It is not a recent work, and although it has placed for me in open live shows, I would consider it novice LSQ and PSQ only. $15.00 Ė SOLD!



Traditional/Other Tack by me:


Traditional Western Bridle: Round lace headstall with split ear brow band and bit clips (for quick bit changes). Bit is a Salinas bit with a gold curb chain and split reins. Fits most traditionals. $8.00


English Bridle: Natural coloured English bridle with snaffle bit. It has two cheek pieces on each side, although the buckles donít work. The buckle on the throatlatch works. Fits some traditionals. $10.00 SOLD!


Thatís all for now! Check back soon!


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