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English Saddles


English saddles come in a variety of shapes and in two colours, natural and brown. There are two types: all purpose English and dressage. They come with cast stirrups and the girth sticky waxes to fasten.





Two set ups including the bridle- “Ardent” and “Apache Sunrise”


This is a brown English saddle set and “Peaches and Cream” . This saddle has yet to have stirrups added, but you get the idea.


A brown jumper set shown by “Peebles”.  This saddle, in this photo, does not have stirrups. Below you can see the same saddle with added cast stirrups. They may look short, but they do fit the SM riders.



Another photo of the natural set.


Here are two photos of the complete jumping set. It includes a saddle, running martingale, and bridle with reinstops and flash noseband. The photos do not do this set justice! I will be showing it this fall.











All Purpose Natural/Brown: $20.00

Dressage Brown: $22.00


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