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 Silver Hawk Farm Tack Shop


Welcome to the Tack Shop! Search here for all your SM tack needs that are friendly on the wallet. At this point I do NOT take custom orders; my tack will be sold on a finished tack sales page. (This is a hobby for me, and I try to keep it fun. I feel that if I’m tied down by orders at this point, that my tack will suffer and I won’t be having any fun.) There are a few items up there now, and more are slowly being added. On each page, I give you an idea of the price of each item. Enjoy! This site is graphics intensive, so please allow the photos to load…it may take a while.


“Starcrossed” demonstrates a rear in the circus costume.


For more information or if you have any questions/comments/suggestions:


bEnglish Bridles

bEnglish Saddles **UPDATED**

bWestern Bridles

bWestern Saddles **UPDATED**

bRacing Sets

bCostumes/other **UPDATED**

bFinished Tack Sets For Sale (all scales—some of it is not by me) **UPDATED**

b Winnings **NEW**




August 1st, 2001: August is here already! I can’t believe it. I put a halt to my tack making for a little while because of a real horse injury, but I’m fine and back into tack making with gusto. I FINALLY got my eBay account to work. My username is silverhawktack, so check that and announcement lists for any new sale items. I’ve updated the sales list and what’s new pages, as well as added a page for winnings. I’ve been entering my tack in TOPSA shows (okay, they’re not live shows, but I haven’t had time to live show!) and will update you on the winnings on that page. I will be entering new photos in TOPSA for this month so check back. I will be on vacation from August 10th-24th, so if you need to reach me, you’re out of luck! I will answer all my emails when I return. This fall I will be attending two live shows as of yet: Fall Fiesta in Roseville, CA, and Victorian Village in Ferndale, CA. I will be showing my tack in Ferndale.   


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